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    with the crew, s●ir,” I put in. “N—no.That’ll be all▓ right,” said the skipper, stuffing t▓he note into his pocket as he turned his att●ention to the seamen o

n the deck b●elow.“Cover that hatch, you bloody fools, be●fore a

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sea fills her!” Early the ne●xt morning I disembarked in Al●exandria. CHAPTER IX THE LOAFER’S PA●RADISE He who travels à force d▓e bras may regulate his sight-seeing as exactl●y as the moneyed tourist by cl▓ingin

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g to one fixed plan—to f▓all penniless and be forced to seek● employment only in those cities with whic●h he would become well acquainted.In al▓l north Africa no spot offered more at●tractions for an extended stay than C●

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airo.Once arrived there, whatever the fates h▓ad in store for me, I should be o▓n chosen ground.At all hazards I m▓ust reach Cairo before I “went broke. 癖 On my second morning in Alex●andria, I repaired to the railway

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    April 20, 2013


    station, only● to find that I had delayed my departure a▓ bit too long.The third-class fare to the cap▓ital was low, but, unfortunately, just three ●piastres

    an sail●or, are y
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    April 20, 2013


    more than I possesse▓d.Should I take train as far as pos▓sible and finish the journey on foot and penn●iless, or should I save the money on h▓and for food en

    ou” demanded the
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    April 20, 2013


    route and tr●amp the entire distance Pondering ▓the question, I dropped into a bench on ▓the Place Mohammed Ali, and fe●ll to whittling a stick.A country●

    captain. I hand
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    April 20, 2013


    man, strolling by, paused to stare, and sittin▓g down on the far end of the bench, w▓atched me intently.Now a Frank i▓s no more of a novelty in Alexandria t▓h

    ●ed him my Sardin
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